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There is a pressing issue for small Google Analytics accounts, we all know this, and it is the amount of spam that is currently flowing into each and every account. Managing big analytics accounts does not put you in front of these spam reports, most of the time. But working with startups and smaller businesses, spam is a pressing issue. Daily reports that makes you go *sigh* loudly at the office.


One of the most basic filters to setup for each View in Google Analytics is the hostname filter. This filter includes only the traffic on the hostname, in my case The hostname filter works a lot of times because spammers are lazy. Not all of them, but a lot of them. The hostname is not included in every spam attempt and therefore not included in your reports. Awesome.

Hostname filter

But don’t just add your own hostname. You should also add googleusercontent (see above) to your hostname filter. Google will use the googleusercontent hostname for services like Google Translate and Webcache. And don’t forget to exclude known bots and spiders.

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