MeasureCamp Stockholm

Last Saturday the first ever MeasureCamp was held in Stockholm and hosted at our Curamando Stockholm office. There was a good mix of attendees, from consultants on the agency side to inhouse analysts and Xooglers from the Google Analytics team, like Krista Seiden.

Why host MeasureCamp in Stockholm?

Chris Beardsley, analytics specialist at Precis Digital, had problems to grab one of the sought after tickets to attend MeasureCamp and decided; if I can’t go to MeasureCamp, let’s make MeasureCamp come to me.

…a conference which is free to attend but held on a Saturday, so you must want to be there. A conference where everyone is welcome and indeed encouraged to contribute a session. Where sessions may be presentations or discussions or workshops or even game shows.

For me personally, it was my first MeasureCamp and I could not stay for the beers and pizzas at the end of the conference. But my impressions of the day and event are good. I am a fan of the unconference format and have taken part in a few back in the day when social media became the next big thing in Sweden.

A mixed crowd of analysts

There was a quite broad mix of nationalities at MeasureCamp Stockholm as well as different levels of work/analytical experience. For a conference (or unconference) to be held in Sweden, I would say this might even be a must have. Swedes tend to hold back when it comes to discussions and debates in public forums and need someone to start the fire before jumping in themselves.

Next time MeasureCamp comes back to Sweden, and hopefully to Stockholm, I would like to attend once more. But this time, prepare my thoughts on what is broken with reporting on traffic acquisition and mainly when it comes to organic search and the hunt for better positions in search results.

And finally, since I brought my camera, here’s a few memories from the first MeasureCamp Stockholm:

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