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  • Use Screaming Frog to Quickly Focus Your SEO Efforts

    The young frog grew up quite quickly and at the age of 5.1 you can get your hands on some golden SEO data and insights by connecting two wonderful API’s; Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Today it is time to get actionable SEO insights and a document that tells you, straight up, where to…

  • Google Analytics – If You Are A Front End Developer

    I’ve had the pleasure to speak and spend a whole day with future Front End Developers at a school here in Stockholm, Sweden. My topic was web analytics and the whole day was focused on getting familiar with Google Analytics. I’m always keen on getting focused on what the attendants do for work or, as…

  • The Photographers Guide To Google Analytics

    Photographers should invest some time and set up Google Analytics the right way, for their portfolio and blogs. As an amateur photographer I want to know how my photos are performing, what people like and which of my photos that they interact with. If I was looking for gigs, I would like to get any kind…

  • Check Your GATC with Screaming Frog

    Screaming Frog is a very handy tool that I use for multiple purposes. One of them is verifying if the Google Analytics Tracking Code, or GATC, is properly installed on the website I’m working with. Let’s go through how with a couple of easy steps.