Per Pettersson, SEO Manager/Consultant

So, who is this Per Pettersson? Well, I’m a digital strategist by heart working as a Senior SEO Manager in Stockholm, Sweden at Curamando (part of ARC). I work mainly with search engine optimization but dabble with business KPI’s and outcomes.

Per Pettersson.

I hold lectures from time to time and have previously been speaking at Medieinstitutet, IHM Business School, Nackademin, Hyper Island, Bergs School of Communications, IFI and Mindpark. I’ve been a moderator at SMX Stockholm and on my spare time I’m a member of the Educational Advisory Board for Onlinemarknadsförare at Medieinstitutet and, in the past, at Berghs School of Communication and Nackademin. You could pretty much say that I enjoy to interact with people.

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