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I enjoy Google+ maybe a bit more than my friends. It’s not because I work with SEO, social media or web analytics, and that people within this field of expertise spend time on Google+, no. The real reason I enjoy Google+ is because of all the photographers. As the amateur photographer I am, I get tons of inspiration and feedback on my own photography skills and I learn a lot from following great educators, curators and professionals. But there is one thing that’s been bugging me for a while.

What ever happened to the National Geographic Photography page (URL removed) on Google+?

National Geographic Photography on Google+
National Geographic Photography on Google+

There is almost 10 000 people that have circled National Geographic Photography on Google+, and in my opinion, that’s a pretty good number, right? The Google+ page is set up properly and content have been shared. But not since the 18th of February. And I do apologize for the images in this post. I’m Swedish, that’s why you see the language of IKEA and ABBA everywhere.

Going back to my issue with National Geographic: There have been no activity on the Nat. Geo. Photography page since February. Maybe the numbers will show that people are not engaging with Nat. Geographic on Google+, so let’s take a look:

Engaging audience on Google+ for Nat Geo

No, that’s not it. National Geographics audience on Google+ is actually engaging with the content that’s being shared. And this is good numbers. But then again the page has not been verified, so this could be something a fan have set up. Or the social media staff have decreased. Or…

My issue with National Geographic is that you do a proper job. If you test something and decide to leave it be, let people know. If this page have been set up by a fan, get it under your control, brand and staff so you’ll be able to manage it. I love photography and I visit the National Geographic Photography website at least a couple of days each week, but I use Google+ daily. And I see the amount of engagement that Google+ is driving, which is pretty good.


Dear National Geographic, please take it down or update it. And I really hope that the page gets updated. You’re curating a lot of great content. Share it with us.

Update 2013-07-06: National Geographic decided to remove the Google+ page:

National Geographic removed it's Google+ page

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  1. Per, thank you for your thoughtful post. Just wanted to stop by and leave you a quick note. The page you’re referencing was not an official National Geographic page and was removed from Google+. The official National Geographic Google+ page is located at: Sometimes the enthusiasm of our fans results in fake pages that look authentic, I apologize for the confusion. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Again, thank you for your kind words and for supporting National Geographic.

    • That explains it. Thank you for your reply, Robert. I was first very excited because of my interest in photography, and then I was bitter because of the silence on that Google+ page. Still a happy supporter of Nation Geographic. 🙂


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