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A free 1-hour webinar March 13, 3-4 pm ET on How to Use Web Analytics and Search Marketing for Better Decision Making with Rob Petersen, Tim Peter and Mike Moran.

How is your search marketing working? Are you getting the results you want? Maybe you don’t even know how to measure results. Your analytics are essential to your initial search marketing plan and improvement plans. No matter where you are starting from, understanding how to measure where you are and take it to the next level makes all the difference. Do you know how your Web analytics can drive your search improvement plan?

In this Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to assess your current search marketing results through the prism of your own organizational goals
  • How leading organizations assess their search marketing
  • Which key performance indicators identify specific problems in both organic and paid search
  • Why social media is important to search marketing
  • How to build your content plan based on your assessment

In this free one-hour Biznology® Webinar, you’ll get a handle on what your own business can do to drive its search marketing results based on measurements. Whether you don’t know how to measure your results or you’re just plain unhappy with them, this Webinar is for you.


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