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Is SEO a good career choice as of late 2013? I would say so. SEO is still very important and more brands understand that they need to be digital if they want to succeed. I see a shift where, before, marketing teams had one or two “digital marketers” and now it’s getting more and more integrated. Everything is more or less connected to the web these days. From sales, customer services to the CEO tweeting.

And all types of content needs to be optimized. Because search engines are still (or should be) the largest traffic source for almost any website out there!

I wouldn’t really say that SEO experts are in demand, but people working with SEO – no doubt about it. No matter if you are self employed working hours for local businesses or in-house for a fortune 500 company. The SERP is always different. You’re always looking at different types of content, questions that needs answers and products that should be displayed better. In my honest opinion, the world (wide web) would be way better if a basic understanding of SEO was mandatory in all marketing classes.

SEO’s that can connect the dots are very much in demand. There is a lot of businesses that needs to understand how their customers search, where they search and why they purchase something online. It’s not always clear as water.

An SEO that can analyze content and the customer journey will not be unemployed. They’re needed.

Since I’ve started in the SEO industry, silos are beginning to be broken down. All marketing efforts needs to be integrated and teams talking and collaborating with each other. SEO is a big part of marketing today. And it’s always changing. New features in the SERP, no more keywords in Google Analytics and tons of other changes. What you knew today could be thrown out the window tomorrow.

But that’s also what’s fun with SEO. You can work with pages, videos, images, PDF’s – you name it. As long as you’re providing the search engines with good content made for the users – you’re pretty much safe. SEO is not about getting content on the first page for a query. It’s about answering the right questions and helping people. If they want to find the local pizzeria or that hipster leather backpack that’s perfect for old Polaroid cameras.

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