Help Google to understand links better?

Google needs our help to understand links better. Today the big G in our digital world introduced two new link attributes to use. Question is, will people adapt to these new attributes if there is no benefit of using them?

Introducing rel=”sponsored”

For sponsored content the new rel="sponsored" link attribute could replace the old commonly know favorite rel="nofollow". If someone else writes a good article with the intent to talk about their services or products for your website audience, this new link attribute could be implemented for Google to better understand the content. Example:

<a href="" rel="sponsored">So many great posts about digital marketing</a>

Attribute user generated links

Comment sections and forum threads can now implement the rel="ugc" attribute on links. UGC stands for User Generated Content, something that website owners fight with daily. You should see my spam folder. It is stuffed with links to pills for guys and SEO services in India.

Google needs our help to understand links better

We all know that the old trusted rel="nofollow" link attribute does not give all the benefits and credit as a normal link, but still it does not hurt your website. Maybe there is something brewing with the introduction of these new attributes?

Let’s play with the idea that one page with a number of nofollow links all get the same low credit and relevance. But the same page with rel="sponsored" could get slightly more credit and relevance if the whole comment section used rel="ugc" and pretty much got ignored by Google.

The website owner and the author behind the sponsored article wins. The SEO services in India does not.

Just a thought.

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