Guerilla Splash – you’re still doing it wrong

Sometimes you just have to sit down, go to your blog and air out your take on things. This is a moment like that.

Dear, Guerilla Splash. Is this your digital strategy? To send out spam? For the love of God – at least do some kind of background check. Is that too much to ask for?

Guerilla Splash
Guerilla Splash spam spam.

This is what the spam says:

Hello ,

This is Ritesh from Guerrilla Splash. I see that you have registered and I want to check if you need any assistance in Corporate Identity Designing, website development , SEO or Social Media Marketing.

We are a small team of creative technical & marketing nerds based in Jamshedpur, India and have been providing quality web services to clients across the globe.

If you have a need for any of the above mentioned services, then please reply to this email stating your requirements and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you.


Skype – guerrillasplash
781-583-1563 (USA)
Click here to unsubscribe

Sent to my e-mail address at work. I work with SEO and Social Media Marketing. But what I find really funny from Guerilla Splash is the end of the e-mail. “Click here to unsubscribe”. Click. Here. To. Unsubscribe.

guerilla splash meme

Let me break it down for you, Guerilla Splash. I have not subscribed to anything. And Ritesh, this is your second spam mail. Your first spam mail was not welcomed either. I’m sure that Guerilla Splash will get business this way. People also tend to drink and drive. Ergo, with a lot of people, the lights are on but there is no one home.

Sometimes I wish I did not treat the Internet as my precious. That I couldn’t care less if I saw 450 spam blogs before I found the one I was looking for. That I had clients with a “do whatever, who cares?” mindset and I could buy 10 000 links, invoice my client for “Awesome SEO Services” and then go home and feed my cat.

But I don’t have a cat. And I treat the Internet like I treat the sidewalk outside my house. It’s there for everybody to use and enjoy, so don’t go and leave your trash on it. I know that this is too much to ask for, but in a perfect world…

Dear Guerilla Splash. Drop the spam act. It’s e-mails like this that makes the rest of us look bad.

I'm a digital strategist by heart. SEO Manager working from Stockholm. Here to help teams and businesses to improve, and manage their digital (and people) assets.


  1. seems like you are crying , i checked their ranks and links they are having very strong seo and also top quality links.

    1. Yes, Nic. I cry almost once every week because of spam like this. Please tell me more about what “ranks” you checked that are supposed to sell Guerilla Splash’s services to me. I’m very curious.

      1. i see them on top keywords like ” off page seo packages ” , “off page seo” “local seo plans” there are many , i think you said , you are seo and you should learn by following competitors website how they are getting ranks. And doing marketing is nothing wrong , everyone has own unique idea to do and even you do similar things if you do internet marketing. tell me why i choose your service over them when you not even having ranks for your websites?

        1. I do marketing, of course – but not spam. There is a difference between opting in for e-mail and not opting in. And why should you use my services? I do not offer any services. My employer does. And I’m very curious which of my websites that are not ranking. Please do tell.

          1. I dont think your employer does not do any kind of email marketing , each company do i received lots of email from different company about seo services for my website. your website not even rank for your name “Per Pettersson” which has keyword in domain. I like your other articles but giving advise to other company what they are doing i dont see any ethics even other do spam but they still doing good what they are saying instead of crying people should compete.When i was searching about “guerrilla splash’ and i found you but i personally feel that you are thinking you are better then them but i see no reason here

          2. There could also be a reason why I’m not even ranking on my name: there is no reason why I should. You see, I use this blog since… January, if I’m not mistaken, to vent out ideas or thoughts that I have in my head. Even if I would rank as number on on a query like “SEO” or “guerilla splash” – I would gain nothing. I do not sell anything, I do not collect any e-mail addresses. This is a place where I write about all kinds of stuff.

            I can understand that this post can look bad for G.S. but I’m sick of getting spam. I’m sick of people trying to sell me services that I do not need. And in this case, I was sick of getting spam from G.S. and therefore I wrote it on my little blog.

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