Guerilla Splash – you’re still doing it wrong

Sometimes you just have to sit down, go to your blog and air out your take on things. This is a moment like that.

Dear, Guerilla Splash. Is this your digital strategy? To send out spam? For the love of God – at least do some kind of background check. Is that too much to ask for?

Guerilla Splash
Guerilla Splash spam spam.

This is what the spam says:

Hello ,

This is Ritesh from Guerrilla Splash. I see that you have registered and I want to check if you need any assistance in Corporate Identity Designing, website development , SEO or Social Media Marketing.

We are a small team of creative technical & marketing nerds based in Jamshedpur, India and have been providing quality web services to clients across the globe.

If you have a need for any of the above mentioned services, then please reply to this email stating your requirements and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you.


Skype – guerrillasplash
781-583-1563 (USA)
Click here to unsubscribe

Sent to my e-mail address at work. I work with SEO and Social Media Marketing. But what I find really funny from Guerilla Splash is the end of the e-mail. “Click here to unsubscribe”. Click. Here. To. Unsubscribe.

guerilla splash meme

Let me break it down for you, Guerilla Splash. I have not subscribed to anything. And Ritesh, this is your second spam mail. Your first spam mail¬†was not welcomed either. I’m sure that Guerilla Splash will get business this way. People also tend to drink and drive. Ergo, with a lot of people, the lights are on but there is no one home.

Sometimes I wish I did not treat the Internet as my precious. That I couldn’t care less if I saw 450 spam blogs before I found the one I was looking for. That I had clients with a “do whatever, who cares?” mindset and I could buy 10 000 links, invoice my client for “Awesome SEO Services” and then go home and feed my cat.

But I don’t have a cat. And I treat the Internet like I treat the sidewalk outside my house. It’s there for everybody to use and enjoy, so don’t go and leave your trash on it. I know that this is too much to ask for, but in a perfect world…

Dear Guerilla Splash. Drop the spam act. It’s e-mails like this that makes the rest of us look bad.