So, who is this Per Pettersson? Well, I’m a digital strategist by heart working as a consultant in Stockholm, Sweden at Curamando. I work mainly with SEO and web analytics (weapon of choice – Google Analytics) but also with some social media and paid search. I’m very interested in seeing how everything works together and tend to play around in the search engine results with content. You’ll most probably spot me working, carrying around a camera or two.

Per has a genuine passion for the digital world. Which means that he always has an eye on the latest news and it gives him a broad expertise in all aspects of the digital world. He is also a wonderful colleague to work with. He is always positive and wants people around him to feel good and thrive. – Johanna Karlsén, Project Manager at Carnaby Solutions & Hippies

I hired Per because of his great optimism and deep curiosity within the field of SEO and the web at large. Per is always in search of more knowledge and during the years he have become a true expert in both the technical and the content side of search. He is very ambitious but at the same time a deeply loyal employe and person. And that is probably the one thing I appreciate him the most for, because loyalty doesn’t come cheep and is really hard to find. – Christofer Brugge, previously CEO at Search Integration

I hold lectures on SEO and Web Analytics and have previously been speaking at Medieinstitutet, IHM Business School, Nackademin, Hyper Island, Bergs School of Communications, IFI and Mindpark. I’ve been a moderator at SMX Stockholm and on my spare time I’m a member of the Educational Advisory Board for Web Analysts at Medieinstitutet and Digital Strategists at Berghs School of Communication. You could pretty much say that I love to interact with other people.


2006 – 2008 Co-owner and marketing manager, Pigga Barn-centret
2009 – 2010 Marketing manager, Pro4 Wireless
2011 – 2014 SEO and social media specialist, Search Integration
2012 Moderator, Search Marketing Expo (SMX Stockholm)
2015 – (current) Consultant, Curamando
2016 Blogger, State of Digital
2016 Member of educational advisory board, Medieinstitutet
2017 Member of educational advisory board, Berghs School of Communication

If you want to come in contact with me – let’s hook up on Twitter. And if you’re looking for a way to subscribe to my blog, add yourself to my newsletter. I promise we will have fun and learn stuff together.

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